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Jerry H. Trachtman

The New Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations

The FAA’s new Small UAS Regulations  (Part 107 of the FAR’s) which include operating rules and pilot certification, are in effect as of August 29, 2016.  A small unmanned aircraft is defined as an unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

Airshows: Spectators Beware?

Someone once said that flying, unlike the sea, is very unforgiving. The recent spate of European airshow accidents, as well as some past US airshow accidents, demonstrates how true this is. Do such accidents suggest that airshows are an ultra- […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

NTSB: Lack of Consideration for Human Factors Led to In-Flight Breakup of SpaceShipTwo

NTSB: Lack of Consideration for Human Factors Led to In-Flight Breakup of SpaceShipTwo ________________________________________ July 28, 2015 WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board determined the cause of the Oct. 31, 2014 in-flight breakup of SpaceShipTwo, was Scaled Composite’s failure […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

NTSB Update on Crash of Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two

November 12, 2014 WASHINGTON — The National Transportation Safety Board issued an investigative update today into the crash of SpaceShip Two on Oct. 31, 2014, in Mojave, Calif. • The on-scene portion of the investigation into the crash of Virgin […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

Virgin Galactic Spaceship 2 — Lessons To Be Learned

The recent destruction of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship 2 is a tragedy, but should not come as a complete surprise.  Unfortunately, it was inevitable.  Development of a safe, reliable passenger carrying commercial spacecraft is an immensely difficult task.  NASA invested tens […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

NTSB Special Investigation Finds Parasailing Largely Unregulated; Inadequate Training and Faulty Equipment Cause of Serious Accidents

July 1, 2014 WASHINGTON – The National Transportation Safety Board’s first investigative report into parasailing safety finds the activity is largely unregulated with serious accidents frequently caused by faulty equipment. Because of the nature of an activity that often occurs […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

NTSB Finds Mismanagement of Approach and Inadequate Monitoring of Airspeed Led to Crash of Asiana Flight 214

June 24, 2014 WASHINGTON – In a Board meeting held today, the National Transportation Safety Board determined that Asiana flight 214 crashed when the airplane descended below the visual glidepath due to the flight crew’s mismanagement of the approach and […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

Quality Patient Care or Quantity Patient Care?

There was an article in USA Today recently, describing how some physicians are spending less and less time with their patients at scheduled appointments.   The story began with a patient who saw her ear, nose and throat specialist recently for […]

Jerry H. Trachtman

Medical Tourism: Traveling The World For Healthcare

            A 64 year old woman, an insulin-dependent diabetic, was so obese she was not able to climb stairs or even take a leisurely stroll.  Her family doctor said she was an excellent candidate for gastric bypass surgery, but her […]